Spotify wont sync local files to iphone mac

How to Add Songs to the Spotify Music Player

For songs that have unrecognizable meta tags but are in Spotify's library, you can go through and manually find the artist, song, or album. Once you find the album, tap on Save and you'll see the songs in the album become checked. They'll now be available in Your Music. As for songs that Spotify doesn't have the rights to, or just doesn't have in their library, there's another trick we can do.

The majority of these songs will show up greyed out below , with no hyperlinks to the artist or album. In order to get these songs into Your Music , go to iTunes and place all of the unrecognized music into a playlist. Now go back to Spotify, head to the menu bar on your computer, select File , Import Playlists , and then iTunes. This will create an iTunes playlist on Spotify, which you can then drop down to show all of your iTunes playlists.

Find the one with your unrecognized music and enable Available Offline. Enable Available Offline from here and you can now enjoy this music on your device. Now you can enjoy all of the music from your iTunes on your Spotify desktop client, as well as your Android or iOS mobile device.

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I tried the above steps as I wanted some artists unavailable on Spotify transferred over from iTunes. The Playlists showed up in Spotify but there were no songs in them, greyed-out or otherwise.

2. Add local music to playlists, like you would any other music.

The greyed-out songs then appeared and I was then able to right-click each playlist and select Available Offline the 'sliding' button within the playlist song list would not slide and hey-presto, they all worked! So thank you! Is this article for an earlier Spotify version? I am not seeing any of the menus shown above in Spotify, and I can't drag playlists over from iTunes. You should see the sources of music "iTunes", "Downloads", "Music Library". If you don't want then to show up, just switch the toggle buttons off.

Step 4. Then browse to select the folder where you saved your local music and click "OK".

Step 5. You can go back to the main menu of Spotify and click "Local Files" and you should see the music you imported. If your files are in other formats or with DRM encryption, they won't be supported. With Spotify Premium membership, you can your local files to your mobile devices. Such as iPhone, Android phone or any other devices. You can click the "New Playlist" menu first. Then you can insert a name and description for the playlist and click "Create" button to generate it. To add the songs you want to sync, right click the songs under your local files tab.

You can connect your mobile devices to your computer through USB cable or Wifi. Then your iPhone or Android phone will show up on the "Devices" tab.

Solved: Spotify won't sync local files to iphone - The Spotify Community

Next, you can click the button "Manually choose playlists to sync". And then select the playlist of your local files. It may take a while to sync depending on how many songs you added to the playlist. Please just be patient for it to complete. After syncing the music to your mobile, they maybe still greyed out on your devices.

You can make the playlist available offline by toggle the "Play Offline" button. Either from your phones or computers.

How to Seamlessly Add Your Local Files to Spotify

Once you have done the settings on one device, it will sync them to the Spotify app on all the devices on the same Wifi. Adding local files to Spotify is easy. But sometimes you may still encounter some problems. Following are the FAQs which should be helpful for you.

Step 2: Create a new playlist

I have tried times to sync the local songs from computer to my mobile. Why I always get the error "Song Not Synced"? A1 : This may be caused by the local Antivirus or Firewalls. They may block the communication between your phone and computer.

You can turn off the security software temporarily. Or you can enable the UPnP services on your computer. A2 : Generally the iTunes playlists should show up well on the local files tab on your Spotify.