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The best answers are submitted by users of Yahoo! Answers and Ask. I have not any idea how you can find their IP address on tumblr without help of administrator but if There is a girl I know on tumblr who is constantly getting hateful msgs from a certain anonymous. How do you get the anons ip address?? I use Statcounter to track who visits my Tumblr, and a couple of IP addresses in a couple of towns are giving me some concern. I try to keep my account relatively anonymous because of various workplace bitching, etc. There are quite a few free and commercial IP-to-location databases out there, but they're not generally Because well,you know the infamous show Gossip Girl right?

Well there's one of those going on at my school too and I want to track down the "GossipGirl". So is there any way I can track down her IP address using the website. And if I can find It is an instant messaging platform that lets you easily have private conversations with friends. Messages are encrypted before leaving your screen. Try it!

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If you use a phone for anon work, get a cash phone with cash or an an anonymous store-activated debit card. Remember that your GPS location may still possibly be tracked. Orbot is a free Tor app for Android phones, and it is extremely easy to download and install. What is IRC? Remember that unless you are using a VPN on your phone, your phone ip will be traceable. Read the guide on Anonops. The instructions are for the mIRC client only. Presumably you can use other clients but if you decide to try using Tor, just get mIRC.

Setting up and using a VPN is probably easier. The menu links are here:. Also more secure see above. When you log onto an IRC for the first time, you will be using an unregistered nickname. If you plan on becoming a regular user, it is advisable to register your nick. This is important for several reasons:. If a misunderstanding arises, try not to take things personally.

Firefox is a good open-source browser to use and has many features which help to maintain your privacy and anonymity on the internet. If you are using Tor, the Vidalia bundle will automatically configure Firefox with security add-ons.

What is incognito mode?

Can set rules for individual sites or deny globally. It will also act as an optout from advertisement and other forms of web tracking. You can also view information about each tracker that is trying to harvest your browsing data, and even view the source code of said tracker and see exactly how the cookie is tracking you. It encrypts your communications with a number of major websites. Short URL. Master Pirate WarReport. So be careful. Read information! This file downloads as a MB. Do NOT allow Windows to send a report! This is totally legit, no hack tools or whatever.

Cherimoya , based on Annonaceae, is designed to be a complete kit for Anonymous. It can be an old one from Craigslist or one you were going to recycle. Security-in-a-box — tools and tactics for digital security same tools as above, but the install versions How-to Booklet 1. How to protect your computer from malware and hackers 2. How to protect your information from physical threats 3. How to create and maintain secure passwords 4. How to protect the sensitive files on your computer 5. How to recover from information loss 6. How to destroy sensitive information 7. How to keep your Internet communication private 8.

How to remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the Internet 9. How to use mobile phones as securely as possible How to protect yourself and your data when using social networking sites Glossary Hands-on Guides these are really helpful TOR and I2P Anonymizing networks or darknets are not the same as using a VPN but can serve the same purpose to protect your anonymity on the internet. Its architecture guarantees that the real IP of users cannot be revealed in any way.

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Tor also provides so-called Hidden Services. Those are services which are hidden within the Tor network. So, how can we chain VPNs then? Change to the Downloads directory. Configure the installation. This will allow us to have a virtual operating systems running from within our computer. Linux and Mac users, go here.

Start up your virtual machine of choice, and connect to VPN B with it. Operate from within your virtual machine, and you will be safe from prying eyes. If you need to delete the virtual machine, make sure you securely delete it, and your information will be safe. For Null Byte news, follow me on Twitter. Also, join the IRC and come hang out with us!

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Fortunately, there are solutions. VPNetMon Windows can be downloaded here. So yes, people can find out your IP address and you can't prevent this, so you might as well not bother to worry or try. Instead of hiding your IP, you should be making sure that it does indeed not tell anyone anything. An IP address is a piece of information. Like other pieces of information on its own it is not that big of a deal.

However, if multiple pieces of information are pieced together, they can be used in more 'elaborate' means.

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I say elaborate because its not always nefarious. Also, you can determine that an IP address range is one used by a group of hackers and block all traffic. You could also determine that my IP address is located in Chicago and refer me to restaurants in my local area. In terms of why people are sometimes paranoid about others obtaining there IP addresses If someone where to write your phone number in a bathroom of a bar If you post your email address on a public website An IP address is much like a phone number or an email Ok, so if someone has your IP what can they really do with it?

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Well, If I am doing research on an IP for example if I see it in my server logs and want to know more information about it the first thing I can do is google it I can find out what ISP the person is using an make an approximate guess of where about the person is located. The next thing I could do is run a port scan of the IP address to see if any ports are open. So lets move this to a real life scenario I am playing a video game and am asked to get on some type of voice chat.

I connect to someone's server and they make a note of my IP address when I log in. This person may do a port scan and find that I am using Skype. They might also know a vulnerability of Skype that can cause my computer to crash.

Later on, this person may go up against me in the video game, and decided that they can obtain an easy win by using this exploit against my IP. So to answer your question, yes in the grand scheme of things there is not a whole lot someone can do if they get your IP address. However, its not something you want to broadcast to everyone you see because in the wrong hands given the right setting someone can use it against you.

So while I said previously that I am in Chicago IP addresses can be geo-located to some degree. You described finding a street address, which is simply a matter of doing a reverse lookup , and then doing a WHOIS against the domain name to get contact information. Knowing your IP address would allow attackers to establish DoS attack against your network which leads to prevent the users to surf the internet. It usually launched against companies and organizations but possible to be launched against normal users. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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Anon Anon 2 2 silver badges 3 3 bronze badges. Thanks so much for all of the info and feedback on the matter everyone, especially as far as differences between the privacy issues and the security of the system itself! Worrying about having your machine hacked because someone might have your IP address is like worrying about having your house broken into because your street address is listed on mail you've sent to other people. It's a necessary requirement for the system to function.

StephenTouset that's really not the issue the OP was talking about, though, was it? They were talking about the issue of an anonymous person being able to find you, the corporeal person, more easily if sites like social media sites are careless with your IP address. With physical mail, you don't typically go around posting it on bulletin boards at the mall. You send it to a business entity or an individual person you know or have reason to interact.

For a stalker to get hold of that would require stealing mail along the way or from the destination. You're comparing apples and oranges. Gilles Gilles Gilles - can you tell me how a person can know our ip when we view an image from their website? Ajedi32 The proxy knows your IP address. Otherwise you couldn't communicate with it.

Ajedi32 Ah, you're talking about Tor. That's a different matter. A proxy knows both sides, but Tor splits the knowledge among its nodes. My sentence wasn't very clear, I'll edit it. Thomas Bonini Thomas Bonini 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges.

Andy Baio: Think You Can Hide, Anonymous Blogger? Two Words: Google Analytics

I remember Yahoo used to do it, which is one of the reasons why I stopped using it. Yes, but as a gmail user, a big brother organization known as Google has all your e-mails. Null - Google forwards the sender's ip address with the email header if you use anything except your browser to send the email. Ramhound Yes, I imagined that would be the case.