Mac faulty hard drive cable

MacBook Pro Hard Drive Cable Failure - Free fix and preventative maintenance - Question mark

As people have suggested here, it was just a faulty cable, or just the original cables don't work with SSD. I bought the same cable, A from a vendor on Amazon and it works quite well with SSD for now. Thanks everyone for your help.

Not All Cables Created Equal

Therefore, the cable used is designed for this type of drive. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Kaladin Kaladin 1 2 2 bronze badges. Could you post the model of your HDD.

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Also, what is the screen size of your MacBook Pro and does it have a Retina display? It's a non-retina, Mid Macbook Pro9,2, 13". I'm having the exact same issue.

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Hard Drive Cable Replacement

Also tried to select it in Startup Disk and it says the drive is not Blessed. I'm going to switch out the cable. David Anderson David Anderson 16k 5 5 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 49 49 bronze badges. This was my thought exactly except for I cannot find any other type of cable that goes with this macbook.

There is only one, A. If you figured out where to find the Link Speed, then you should also be able to find the HDD model number. It looks exactly like what would happen to hard drive with a big number of blocks on it.

Macbook Pro A HDD Cable Problem – iFix Electronics Erina

Detecting the real problem may take quite much time. This is why users and experts have been trying to find an easy and precise way to spot the failure.

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A hard drive cable of a MacBook Pro looks like a flat ribbon formed out of five thin copper tacks, covered with a thin coat of insulation, and attached to the SATA connector at its seven pin side. Such cables may crack in traces due to impact, aging, vibration, heat, etc.

When good cables go bad

Some experienced users tried carrying out a continuity test on these tracks with the help of a multimeter. What they found out was that in all the failed cables, one of the five tracks was broken at the very same place. At the point where a cable is supposed to pass over the optic drive, it did a tight bend to the right angle. At this spot, a cable would flex, and break one of its copper tracks.

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In an attempt to flex the cable, the track would break the contact. What has Apple done? The problem became known to Apple, and in all versions of MacBook later than , they have modified the mount of HDD, so that the case would no longer press on the hard drive cable.

10 Worst Mac Hard Disk Drive Problem with Solutions

Besides, they have replaced the original cable A with an upgraded one A. Unfortunately, the new cable would still eventually break. Failure of the hard drive cable — a new common problem A new problem with the MacBook Pros has been on the rise lately: their hard drive cable happens to fail.